Ninn Alarcó

Founder and designer

When I was 10, my biggest dream was to become a fashion designer.
For 7 years, I was drawing patterns, transforming my clothes…
Then life took an unexpected turn:
When I was 17, I was spotted by a modeling agency on the street, and for 4 years I walked the catwalks and the photo studios all around the world.
When I turned 21, I decided to stop and travel.
At the age of 24, I became a mom.
At 25, an interior designer.
At 28, I started playing the piano and singing, and embarked on a musical journey.
At 33, I went to Kosovo to direct a documentary.
At 34, I married and created my own brand, Ninn Apouladaki.
At 35, I left my hometown, Paris, to live with my family in Marseille.
At 38, my husband joined me in Ninn Apouladaki’s adventure and we became Artisans d’Art.
At 40, the age of reason, I had my second child.
And at 41 I decided to return to my first love, with my line of dresses LENA KLAR!