Hi everyone, following the containment situation we are experiencing because of the COVID-19 epidemic,
I would like to inform you that we are making every effort to continue our work under the best possible conditions.

My adorable interns, Besarah, Erin and Lou have been working from home, and my seamstress, Hoeur,

continues to sew your dresses in her studio twice a week, respecting the strictest hygienic measures.

I asked her to work less so that she could take care of her elderly father, in calm and appeasement.

So perhaps I’ll ask you to be a little more patient because we’re trying to combine orders so she doesn’t travel too much outside her home.

To avoid any contact, I come to get the cover containing the dresses in front of her workshop’s door.

– I can’t wait to see her beautiful smile in real life again… –


On our side, Guillaume, my husband, and I, we prepare your shipments from our home with great love.

Uma, our little girl, is enjoying all the dresses that parade in our house and whispers little «Wouhaa» in her big brother’s ear regularly!

Be reassured; we respect all hygiene measures recommended by the World Health Organization.


We now send your orders by carriers only.

How does it work?

We mostly work with UPS, and Pascal is the man who comes to pick up the parcels at our house.

He wears gloves and a mask, and he’s the loveliest deliverer on earth!

Then 1 to 3 days after, you are delivered directly to your house!

Don’t worry, the overruns are at our expense.


We are moving forward on a day-to-day basis,

and we will keep you informed if there are any changes in our production or shipping process.


If you have a question, feel free to contact us at contact@lenaklar.com


We are fortunate to be surrounded by a beautiful community of which you are a part,

and we thank all of you who have shown their support for our tiny business.

Whether it is by buying a dress because, quoting you:

“This is the time or never to support projects like yours,”

whether through a message or a call.

Know that It goes straight to our heart, and we feel you by our side.

We’re in this together, all connected. Thank you.


All our thoughts fly to you and your loved ones.

Lena Klar Couture - altogether

Ninn, Guillaume, Lucas, and Uma.